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Welcome to Lethal Synergy. A Star Wars The Old Republic Sith Empire guild on Soresu Server. We are a laid back guild and welcome anyone that wishes to join us. There is only one rule though there is to be NO DRAMA AT ALL and that is no exceptions. If intrested in joining us you can leave a message or contact Dendee in game.
Guild News

DCUO Update 19

King Dragon the Great, Oct 11, 12 11:01 AM.

All servers will be offline Wednesday, 10.10.12, beginning at 7:00 AM PDT to launch Game Update 19! Downtime is expected to last about 5 hours. Click here to convert to your timezone. 

Players may notice the following changes:


The Witching Hour

Join us beginning October 16th for The Witching Hour, our new Halloween seasonal event!  Gotham City will be decorated for the season, Klarion the Witch Boy will be causing all kinds of ghoulish trouble, and there will be tricks and treats to be had by all!  

Research and Development Update!

With Game Update 19 we have added more components and plans to create new Research and Development consumables!  Players will have a chance to find these new plans from endgame bosses throughout the game.

Some of the new components, which are required for developing the new items, are available for purchase from Research & Development vendors.  Two vendors are now located at Research and Development stations within the Headquarters, one sells only plans and the other, only components.  Other new components are dropped by NPCs of various types throughout the game.

The new Research & Development consumables have a variety of potential functions, ranging from offensive combat abilities to disguises for the player!

Tutorial Update!

When players make new characters and go through The Awakening on Brainiac’s ship, they will encounter some new units trying to prevent their escape.  Players will need to master Combat Counter mechanics in order to get past these new foes before making it off the ship.

New Mail UI!

We have given the Mail UI a complete overhaul!  Beyond the new sleek look, it is now much easier to use!  Some of the new features we have added include a Sent tab to see outgoing mail, and an Archive tab for those mails players wish to keep in a safe spot!

A new Compose tab is present as well and features a list of Contacts that will populate with your League mates and friends list!  Additionally a bigger, more easily navigated inventory window is now available to players when attaching items to your mail!



Ace Chemicals


  • Markers will now appear on the mini-map inside Ace Chemicals when players are told to close the valves.


Oan Sciencells


  • Players are once again forbidden to enter the green rooms where their enemies are preparing for their attack.


Gotham Courthouse


  • Removed collision from an invisible object in the “runway” area leading up to the Bailiff.




  • Improved music scripting in Metropolis General Hospital Meta Human Wing instance (Villain) to provide a more dramatic experience.
  • Fixed an issue with hearing disembodied Security Guard voice over while fighting Tiger Lords in the Gotham University Warehouse.
  • Upon entering the Hall of Doom, Calculator's communicator message can now be heard uninterrupted.
  • The music scripting in the Penguin's Lair should now make the encounter more cinematic.




  • Birdcaged:  This mission should no longer be granted daily.
  • Gotham University Warehouse:  After defeating the Tiger Boss the radar will no longer look as if there is still an enemy in the room.
  • The Joker’s Funhouse: Harley Quinn has agreed to stay down even if you decide not to secure her right away and explore the room instead!
  • Old Gotham SubwayPlayers can no longer get themselves stuck in the “train room”.
  • Old Gotham SubwayAfter defeating Hush, players will no longer be stuck in combat for the remainder of the instance.




  • Investigation: LexCorp Genome Database: The spawn location of the collection in the University room has been adjusted so everyone can now collect it.




  • Speedy Coin is now restricted to only group runs.
  • You Wouldn't Hit a Lady is now being granted properly.
  • Shake and Bake: All players will now receive credit for expertly speeding across Little Bohemia in record time.
  • Organic Gardening: Swamp Thing will now give credit where credit is due and grant the Organic Gardening Feat to those who are worthy.





  • More Gotham Citizens have learned of the Gang War going on in the Burnley Freight Yards, and therefore they are giving the police a wider berth to deal with the Falcones.  Players will no longer see seasonal content or incidental content in that area.
  • Added a “Show Skill Point Progress in Ability Tray” option to display Feat Point progression in place of the experience progress bar.




  • The Crown of the Noble Warrior now uses the correct icon.
  • The rate at which Research and Development plans drop has been slightly increased




  • Form: Angry Gorilla: The Chest Pound ability should no longer cause the player to slide.  It can still be cancelled by jumping.




  • The Big Payback: Patrolmen will no longer hold their arms stiffly out to their sides when you strap bombs to their chest.
  • Hospital Havok: LexCorp Security Agents have pledged to refrain from kicking patients while they are down.
  • Ice Heist BabyThe crates in the WayneTech Storage Facility are no longer targetable by players during combat.
  • Falling STARS: When being transformed into Gorilla Form, players will not lose their ability to perform basic attacks.
  • Queen of Lies: Fixed an issue where all doors would not open after you defeat Aquaman.
  • Queen of Lies: Aquaman should no longer appear to be flying or falling after heroes have rescued him from Circe's influence and he jumped to be beside Mera.
  • Shadow Hearts: Fixed an issue where the protect sequence for Shadowmen would sometimes not finish.
  • Shipping and Handling: Released Falcone Mobsters will now leave the warehouse through the proper doors.
  • Student Protest: Players should no longer fail to put on a lab coat when attempting to use the DNA Sequencer.






  • Gadgets: Fixed an issue that made the player immune to block counters after using Distract.




Ace Chemicals


  • The initial Capture Points in Ace Chemicals are no longer out of sync with the bulletins.


Diamond Heist


  • Villain-side money bags should no longer drop into holes in the ground, protecting them from impulses from explosions.


Headquarters Assault


  • Superman, Gorilla Grodd, and all the other iconic heroes and villains are taking an increased interest in the battle for the Hall of Doom.  Look for more heated exchanges between these arch foes in the Hall of Doom Headquarters Assault!



Fortress of Solitude: The Sunstone Matrix


  • General Zod is now dropping the correct Research & Development recipes.




  • HIVE Busting: The HIVE Minder now disappears out of the players' eye sights after his cut scene.
  • Ice Powers: The visual effects for Frost Snipe will play from the character's left hand when using a bow.
  • Fire Powers: Mass Detonation has always been vulnerable to interrupt and now the tooltip states this fact.
  • MPD 3rd Precinct Rookie Flight Challenge: The beginning Race particle no longer clips into the ground.
  • Queen of Lies: Martian Manhunter will now display the appropriate effects during the Boss Fight.




Due to extensive changes to all weapon trees, players will find a free respec has been granted to them. The starting box for all weapons now automatically includes the attacks performed by holding the melee or range buttons.  These attacks no longer must be purchased separately and are part of that base weapon package.  Specifically, the following attacks are gained automatically with the base weapon purchase:


  • Bow: Lunging Stab and Long Draw
  • Brawling: Lunging Right and Stomp Smash
  • Dual Pistols: Lunge Strike and Full Auto
  • Dual Wield: Whirlwind Strike and Charged Double Throw
  • Hand Blaster: Leap Attack and Charged Blast
  • Martial Arts: Axe Kick and Heavy Shuriken
  • One Handed: Quick Chop and Focused Blast
  • Rifle: Surprise Volley and Grenade Launcher
  • Shield: Spinning Backhand and Sidearm Throw
  • Staff: Sweeping Slice and Focused Spin
  •  Two Handed: Lunging Smash and Hammer Throw




One Handed


  • The Cleave trait description erroneously stated it granted a 1% Crit Chance passive. This text has been removed from the description.




  • Sustaining fire with Rifle Shot for more than 1.5 seconds will now perform a Block Break.



Dual Pistols


  • Slip Shot and Magnum are now Block Breakers


Message edited by Mepps on 10/10/2012 13:24:39.

DCUO Update 18

King Dragon the Great, Sep 5, 12 2:47 PM.
Players may notice the following changes:

Alert, Challenge, and Duo NPCs
Some Alert NPCs and many Challenge and Duo NPCs learned new tricks! These NPCs now use familiar weapon combos as well as Block. Their attacks may both inflict and be vulnerable to counter attack mechanics such as Blocking, Interrupt and Block Breaking.

“Match” rank NPCs in Solo and Duo content, such as Circe’s Bestiamorph Rhinos and the Joker’s Wag goons, now have more Health but do less damage. Many will now use familiar weapon combos as well as Block. These attacks may both inflict and be vulnerable to counter attack mechanics such as Blocking, Interrupt and Block Breaking.

Boss rank, Iconic and occasionally normal match rank NPCs may try to trick you by performing “feint” attacks. They may start a melee combo to make you think you should block but then suddenly perform a block breaking attack. A bright yellow pulse on the sides of the character is your hint that their next attack is really a feint!

Bonus Awards
You will now receive a Weekly Award box the first time you complete a Tier 1 through Tier 3 challenge, duo or alert within a week. This award box offers a random level appropriate item as well as additional Marks of Triumph. Using replay badges to unlock the instance will also unlock the weekly award.

Furthermore, Tier 2 and Tier 3 raids will award a Monthly Raid Award box. This box includes a random raid level item and additional Marks of Triumph. Like the Weekly Awards, using replay badges to unlock the raid will also unlock the Monthly Raid Award.

Challenge Improvements
Challenge modes can now be accessed through the On-Duty menu. The missions associated with challenge modes have been removed and are no longer available. If you still have one of these missions in your journal, they can still be completed normally.

Completing a Challenge mode will now award a commendation that grants renown. Using this item increases your standing with that group by 125. Faction commendations may also be purchased from the appropriate faction vendor for 25 Marks of Triumph.

Content Restructuring
Many Challenges, Duos and Alerts have had their difficulty tiers increased in order to offer a smoother progression and a full range of content availability. In addition, a number of new challenge modes are available! These higher tiered instances now offer upgraded loot and level appropriate rewards.

Although the amount of available content at the lower tiers was decreased, the time required to progress through any given tier remains or has been decreased due to adjustments in tier item costs.

Currency Conversion
Marks of Distinction, Marks of Momentum and Marks of Krypton can be converted to Marks of Triumph. You will find a mission in your journal (“Triumphant Transfer” for Heroes or “Laundering Day” for Villains) that will point you toward a vendor in the Watchtower or Hall of Doom that offers conversion packages. These convert your old marks into the appropriate number of Marks of Triumph. As an added bonus, you will receive a Token of Merit for every mark converted! There is no cash cost associated with converting.

Marks of Distinction convert at a rate of 1 for 5. Marks of Momentum convert at a rate of 1 for 10. Marks of Krypton convert at a rate of 1 for 50.

Currency Unification
Marks of Distinction, Marks of Momentum and Marks of Krypton will no longer be awarded and can no longer be used to purchase items. All Tier 1 through 3 items are now purchased with Marks of Triumph. Content that used to award Marks of Distinction, Momentum and Krypton now award Marks of Triumph. The number of Marks of Triumphs awarded and the cost to purchase items increases with each tier.

Marks of War are still used to purchase Tier 4 items and are still awarded for success in Tier 4 content.

Tier Items
The purchase of tiered items is now restricted by Combat Rating. The combat rating required to purchase a tiered item is equal to the Combat Rating required to qualify for that content.

Ace Chemicals

Each Boss in Ace Chemicals has agreed to keep the hallway doors open to ensure their enemies can gain access.
Arkham Asylum

Death Blossoms will now disintegrate when Poison Ivy is defeated.

Chemo will no longer stand idly by and stare at you if he doesn't feel like jumping.
Fixed various issues with the Transporting of Supplies.
Fixed an issue where players who were further away from Chemo would sometimes not see him during the Cinematic.
South Gotham Courthouse

The Supreme Justice will no longer refuse those who wish to enter his chambers.
League of Assassins Stronghold

Ra's al Ghul sharpened the blades in his trap room. They should be much more deadly now.
Watchtower Containment Facility

The System Hacker can now be damaged by all attacks.

Fixed an issue that could cause the wrong communicator message to be played at the start of a Mission.
Gotham University Warehouse

Fixed an issue where the Tiger Boss would refuse to jump and attack his enemies.
Metropolis University

Power Girl and Parasite have a brand new exchange at the beginning of their Metropolis University challenge mission.

Marine Life Fossils and Atlantean Artifacts no longer have a required level needed to add them to your collections.

Superpowers with a damage component that are usable while controlled may no longer be used while under a control effect that cannot be broken such as counter attacks.
Added new counter attack effects to message block breakers, interrupts and block counters.


Commendations are now available from factional vendors in the Watchtower and the Hall of Doom. These items can be purchased with Marks of Triumph and award renown with those specific factions when used.
Marks of Triumph will now be rewarded or drop in place of Marks of Distinction, Krypton and Momentum. Whenever more than one Mark of Triumph is dropped or mailed, a physical representation of the mark will drop into your inventory that must be used to add the marks to your currency tab.
The Marks of Triumph cap has been raised to 50,000.
Tier 2 and Tier 3 iconic armor sets and items are now purchased with Marks of Triumph.
The cost to purchase Tier 1 iconic armor sets has been reduced.
Tier 2 iconic armor sets and items are now purchased with Marks of Triumph and require a minimum combat rating of 43 to purchase.
Lightning Strikes DLC iconic armor sets and items are now purchased with Marks of Triumph and require a minimum combat rating of 53 to purchase.
Tier 3 iconic armor sets and items are now purchased with Marks of Triumph and require a minimum combat rating of 53 to purchase.
Cape Carmine Lighthouse

Villain: If you are defeated, Nightwing now insists you re-open the door to confront him for another beat-down.
Metropolis City Hall

Hero: The Treasure Chest now always spawns properly.
Old Gotham Subway

Players should no longer run into an issue where they can not complete this Duo.
Removed collision from various invisible objects that may interfere with players in combat.
Pengbot Maximus’ spin attack is now vulnerable to block and causes interrupt.
Pengbot Maximus’ “Beak Attack” which he uses at low health, is now vulnerable to interrupt and causes appropriate damage.
The pointer mission no longer sends you to the Watchtower or the Hall of Doom. You now are sent directly to the Penguin Challenge instance.

"Swimming With the Sharks" should now activate correctly when completed.
“Speedy Coin” is now restricted to only group runs.

Diamond District Villain Rally Location: Fixed an issue where the Rally Location Platform could be moved.

The Prime Battleground Raid now has a chance of dropping an Unattuned Prime Shield.
General Zod in the Sunstone Matrix now drops the correct R&D recipes.
Items: All Wayward Drone items are now properly flagged as “no trade”.

Pointer missions for Daily Challenge Instances no longer send you to the mission terminals – Queue up in your On Duty tab and get straight into the action!
The Big Payback

Patrolmen will no longer hold their arms stiffly out to their sides when you strap bombs to their chest.
Deadly Mischief

Hero: The lockers inside the playroom can no longer be targeted.
Hero: Rescued Police Officers should now walk instead of slide after you release them.
Heroes can no longer target the Mainframe they have sworn to protect.
Exobyte Eclipse

Various objects in this instance are no longer targetable.
The First Clue

GCPD officers and Rescued Citizens should now run away instead of de-spawn.
Lunar Eclipse

Players should no longer remain in combat after defeating Zatanna.
Zatanna's beam attack will no longer display an impact particle on a player until zoning out of the instance.
Party Time!

Joker Gas now only affects enemies in the playroom.
Blue Barrels will now freeze enemies.
Rite Wronged

Villain: Deathstroke should no longer be afraid to show himself when you are fighting Bruno Mannheim.
Villain: Batwoman can no longer get knocked off of the altar during your scuffle with Bruno Mannheim.
The Root of Evil

Poison Ivy is no longer camera shy and will appear in all of her camera shots.
Queen of Lies

Aquaman is no longer capable of stopping players from moving for long periods of time.

Corrected an issue that could leave you stuck partially in the stealth state.

Fear Gas's DoT no longer stacks with itself.
The Suppressor Turret now assists players more reliably in combat.

Voltaic Bolt's DoT from the Electrified power interaction no longer stacks with itself and no longer consumes the Electrified effect.

Absorb heat will now display the proper effects while using a shield weapon.

Grasping Hand should now more reliably be able to combo into the moves described in the tooltip when used as a tray power.
Corrected an issue that could prevent comboing from the weapon attack version of Minigun.
Snap Trap will now apply damage over time in control role when used from your power tray.

Bastion supercharge reduced to 50% cost (from 100%)
Thought Bubble's main damage no longer happens twice.
Terrorize is now a channel to bring it in line with other powers.
Mass Terror's damage over time has been reduced to bring it in line with other powers.

Increased the interrupt vulnerability window of Primal Wolf Form’s Ferocious Backfist attack to match other block breaking attacks.
Effects from canine form's ability Sneak are now removed when zoning to a new location.

The Decoy consumable uses white effects to help differentiate it from the new Gadgets Holographic Decoy.

Ace Chemicals: On-Screen Text should now remain in sync with capture point information.
Fortress of Solitude: Once again and forever more, you do not want to be locked in the center room.

Bane, Arkillo, and Kilowog legends are now able to weaponize larger objects, bringing them in line with other legends.
General Zod's Kryptonian Grenade Toss and Subjugate abilities now cost less power to use.
Batcave: The Inner Sanctum

Zetta-Drone should no longer become bitter and prevent groups from advancing if it is defeated quickly.
Fortress of Solitude: Power Core

The first Bosses should no longer occasionally spawn in pairs.
Themyscira: The Gates of Tartarus

The Avatar of Magic is no longer open to trickery that allows his enemies to zerg him.

The confirmation dialog to enter a match made instance now includes the category of instance (Alert, Arena, etc.) and your assigned role in that group.
Players may not be kicked from a match made group within 5 minutes of joining that group or within 5 minutes of kicking another player.
Players will no longer incur the deserter penalty if they are the only player left in the instance when they leave.

The Combo Counter is now located at the top of the screen.
Players are now able to spend replay badges to reset their lockouts on the scorecard within any instance.
The following instances have been adjusted or added:

The Greenhouse (Poison Ivy) Challenge --> Now Tier 2
Metropolis University (Power Girl) Challenge --> Now Tier 2
Gotham University Warehouse (Catwoman) Challenge --> Now Tier 2
Old Gotham Subway Challenge --> Now Tier 2
Gotham Sewers (Scarecrow) Challenge --> New Tier 2
Old Star Labs (Flash Family) Challenge --> New Tier 2
Coast City Alert --> Now Tier 3
League of Assassins Alert --> Now Tier 3
Stryker’s Island Penitentiary Alert --> Now Tier 3
Arkham Asylum Alert --> Now Tier 3
East End Regal Hotel Challenge --> New Tier 3
STAR Labs Facility Challenge --> New Tier 3
Circe’s Stronghold Challenge --> New Tier 3
Monarch Playing Cards (Riddler) Challenge --> New Tier 3
Sentinels of Magic Base Challenge --> New Tier 3
Cape Carmine Lighthouse Duo--> Now Tier 3
Ferris Aircraft Duo--> Now Tier 3
Old Gotham Subway Duo--> Now Tier 3

Robin makes an impressive new entry into the fight against Poison Ivy. But, she still seems to have him right where she wants him...under her control!
Text references to the "Chinatown Cafe" are changing to "Circe's Stronghold" to better describe the content.
Weapon Types:

Headbutt has been renamed to Hammer Fist.


King Dragon the Great, Aug 16, 12 10:12 AM.

Hello everyone,
I'm pleased to announce DC Universe Online's next DLC Pack – Hand of Fate! This marks our fifth DLC Pack, and it is unlike anything we've offered to date. It brings a whole new type of gameplay designed from the ground up to draw players out into our iconic, open-world cities, Gotham City and Metropolis. Featuring loads of side missions and a whole new type of group mission we call Operations, Hand of Fate will enrich our massive open world areas in unexpected ways, deepening and enlivening the game as players encounter not just the world and its challenges, but each other along the way. We are also excited to introduce Utility Belt Attachments. This handy item greatly expands loadout options and makes it viable to use more trinkets, toys, and consumables – ultimately opening the door to more fun and deeper tactics. Personally, I could never justify keeping a toy equipped when I played, no matter how fun it was, but now it's easy to have one at the ready. Read on for details!
Hand of Fate
I don't want to share too much yet about the backstory for Hand of Fate, but it will pit Doctor Fate and his heroic supporters against the evil sorcerer Felix Faust and his villainous cohorts in a classic tale of magic and mystery. Even as the world reels from Brainiac's invasion, other forces are moving, and dangerous plots are afoot. And when there's magic involved, anything can happen.
Operations, our new group missions, are what make the open-world magic possible. You can think of Operations as Raids or Alerts that can be set in the open-world, but they're more than that. For example, while on an Operation, up to eight players will be queued up in a starting instance to defeat a challenge alongside their iconic ally. After they win this challenge, they will go out into the open-world to take on the next stage of the operation. Players can split up in smaller groups to accomplish certain objectives, but they will find others require the entire group working as a team. In short, you and your friends will be able to tackle more and more varied content than ever before – in the open world! You'll probably find the new map UI from Game Update 17 extremely useful here!
Why Operations? We wanted to take high level players back out to Gotham and Metropolis, our most iconic and, by far, biggest locations, and add more excitement and activity all across the cityscapes. When the team first started talking about this, I had visions of new players being drawn to witness an epic battle between 8 top-tier players and a powerful boss, witnessing the high-level splendor firsthand, just like in the comics.
There's more to it, though. Players don't have to just watch. They can choose to get involved, and that's the type of emergent experience that I think will set DCUO and Hand of Fate apart. Especially on PvP phases, I expect this to create fireworks, awesome battles, and real strategy and competition in the open world. Along with that, one nice surprise for villains is that more than ever, villainous content will truly be villainous! It's from the perspective of the villains. I know that's been a touchy subject with many of our villains, forced to work long and hard alongside heroes in defeating Brainiac. Your pleas have not fallen on deaf ears! You get to be evil.
Side Missions
Along with Operations, Hand of Fate will feature roughly 60 side missions. Let me repeat that. 60 missions. These are similar to the Level 1-30 content that a lot of our players really enjoyed and have been asking for again. These missions are fun and add depth to the narrative and world, and of course offer their own rewards. I think players will really enjoy the everyday variety and challenges side missions have to offer.
Utility Belt Attachments
Last but certainly not least, I wanted to offer a little more information on Utility Belt Attachments. This feature is a useful and fun upgrade for players in all aspects of the game. There will be a variety of Utility Belts – offering anywhere from two to four Utility Compartments or Slots. The slots themselves can vary – some will only accept certain kinds of items, though the rarest will include Wild Card slots that allow you to equip any kind of trinket or consumable. Depending on the belt, you can equip offensive and defensive consumables, toys, or trinkets. As I mentioned earlier, most belts have pre-defined slots, encouraging balanced loadouts. One of the benefits of this is that it will actually make sense for more players to make use of toys. Toys have always been fun to play around with, but were not something that you could generally use much on Live (I normally use a more sensible trinket that offers the best combat benefit). With the additional capacity offered by Utility Compartments, I expect to see a lot more people using Toys (Dice, Balls, etc.) and Pets. These really do make the game more fun.
With that, I'll say goodbye. Remember to look for more information on Hand of Fate as we get closer to launch in the second half of September. We'll have a lot more to share.

DCUO Update 17

King Dragon the Great, Aug 7, 12 11:30 AM.
All servers will be offline Tuesday, 08.07.12, beginning at 7:30 AM PDT to launch Game Update 17! Downtime is expected to last about 5 hours. Click here to convert to your timezone. Please also note that there will be maintenance preventing logins happening tomorrow beginning at 6:00 a.m. PDT.

Players may notice the following changes:

The Tides of War
The Atlantean Warships have left the straits of Metropolis, bringing an end to the Tides of War.

Mental and Gadgets Powers Update
The Gadgets and Mental Power Sets have been improved. Each Power Set has received upgraded functionality, visual and audio effects. A few abilities have been shifted to the Iconic Tree, while some older, less popular abilities have been retired and replaced with all new ones!

All Mental and Gadget players, and players with Iconic Powers, will have their powers reset upon login so they can respec to their new abilities.

Ace Chemicals Map Exclusive for “The Last Laugh” owners and Legendary members
Legendary members and owners of “The Last Laugh” will now be able to play the Ace Chemicals Legends map as an Arena.

Map UI Update
The in game Map has been given a complete visual overhaul! Players can now enjoy a more dynamic map system allowing them to see and track with much greater detail! Beyond improved navigation, players are now color coded and waypoints can be placed on group members to make them easier to find! Place them by using triangle on the Gamepad.
Group members are now color coded to differentiate them on the Minimap. Each group member will have a different randomly assigned color, except for the group leader who is always yellow. Group members can “ping” the map by pressing R3 on the Gamepad on a spot on the map which will create a temporary waypoint for group members, seen both on the mini map and in the main Map UI.

Arkham Asylum

Mister Freeze's Boilers are now only targetable when players can damage them

Psionic Hal Jordan’s Construct Fan’s turbulence and damage are now a better fit for this construct
Hazmat Officer Severson will now leave Bludhaven when he is no longer needed
Major Force will no longer run and hide immediately after being defeated

Corrected the physical placement of various Gold collections in Metropolis and Gotham City.

Pet Improvements:
Pets now detect if they get stuck behind a door between themselves and their destination, if this occurs, the pet warps to their destination through the door
Pets have become more obedient. Most pets now follow to the side of their owner
Pets are now more responsive when entering combat and most should enter combat when their owner enters combat.
Pets should no longer lose their targets in combat and stop attacking.
Most pets attack the recent target of their owner. If the owner switches targets, the pet soon after changes to the same target. Pets hold their target for a minimum of 5 seconds before switching to its owner’s current target.
In combat, if a pet gets too far from its owner, it will fall back to the owner.
An attacking pet keeps its owner in combat and attacks hitting a pet now keep its owner in combat.
Group heals and buffs should now affect all pets in the group.

Flying Pets
Out of combat, flying pets now match their owner speed (even while boosted). If they get too far behind, they warp to their owner to keep up
Flying pets now only de-spawn if they are killed or de-spawned manually
In combat, flying pets now warp to their owner if their owner gets too far away
Ground Pets
Out of combat, ground pets do not match their owner speed and de-spawn if their owner gets too far away from them (usually from the owner using a super movement mode)
In combat, ground pets de-spawn if their owner gets too far away

Battle for Earth “School of Hard Knocks” feats is now only visible to Legendary players and players who own Battle for Earth
“Metropolis Master Speedster”: Villain now correctly refers to the Chinatown Expert Speedster Challenge

Noble Warrior items can now be deleted
Coluan Crown of Defense now has an inventory icon and the appearance will display properly when the appearance is worn.
Promethium Lockboxes and PvP Champion Bonus marks awarded from opening boxes are now dropped into your inventory as physical items. Using the item will add the bonus mark to your currency tab.

Players will now see messaging in their chat log of how many League Members are online when entering the game or when joining a League

Iconic Powers
The Clown Box and Gag Glove abilities have been removed from Gadgets Power Set and added to the Iconic Powers Tree.
Control effects applied while in the Controller role no longer have a chance to break early due to damage.

All Gadget power abilities have been visually updated.
Traps Tree
Battle Drone
Battle Drone now provides power to your group, up to 8 people
Increased Supercharge Cost of Battle Drone to 35%
Bunker Buster
The Supercharge cost of Bunker Buster has been decreased to 50%
Bunker Buster’s damage has been decreased slightly
A small initial damage burst was added to Cryo-field
Fear Gas
Increased range of Fear Gas by 2 meters
Fear Gas now sends enemies into a Panic
Neural Neutralizer
Increased Neural Neutralizer’s minimum damage so that it never hits for less than Gauss Grenade
Increased the amount of Damage Absorption based on Restoration to 100% (matching the amount from Dominance)
Stealth now removes on zone
Stealth is now useable while in combat
Players are no longer snared or use the sneaking animation while in Stealth
Increased cooldown to 30 seconds
Cuff 'Em
Now deals damage, but will take players out of stealth when used
Implosion Mine
Now deals damage
Tooltip now states that this ability retains stealth when used but is vulnerable to interrupt
Decreased cooldown to 15 seconds
Surprise Attack
Corrected an issue that was preventing this attack from playing its full animation
Thermite Mine
Decreased the cast time to 1.4 seconds
Increased the cooldown to 1.5 seconds
Sleep Dart
The power cost of Sleep Dart has been decreased to 300
Damage done by Sleep Dart has been increased
Tricks Tree
The amount healed by Anesthetic has been increased
Asphyxiation Gas
Asphyxiation Gas now uses more appropriate animation and effects
This power’s damage has been increased
Distract (formerly known as Hide)
Decreased the duration of damage absorption to 5 seconds
Increased the amount of Damage Absorption based on Restoration to 100% (matching the amount from Dominance)
No longer makes you invisible
Energy Shield
Energy Shield is a new power that replaces Clown Box
Clown Box is now in the Iconic Powers Tree
Shields you if your health falls below 35%
Holographic Decoy
Holographic Decoy is a new power that replaces Sentry Turret
Players can transfer 25% of incoming damage to their new decoy
Holographic Decoy will taunt nearby enemies
Napalm Grenade
Napalm Grenade is a new power that replaces Bomb
Hits in a larger radius than Gauss Grenade with fewer targets but sets targets on fire
Photon Blast
Photon Blast is a new power that replaces Warden Turret
Photon Blast damages and stuns a single target
Deals more damage to target under 35% health
Stasis Field
Stasis Field now deals damage even if target is immune to encase
AppliesCrushed power interaction in Control Stance
Damage over time is as long as the encasement lasts
Suppressor Turret
Suppressor Turret has added abilities: Flamethrower, Taser Pull, Stasis Encasement (formerly Warden Turret abilities)
Increased damage of primary attack
The size of the Suppressor Turret was reduced by 25%
The icon for Suppressor Turret has been updated
Vortex Cannon
Vortex Cannon is a new power that replaces Gag Glove
Vortex Cannon has the same functionality that Gag Glove had
Damage to characters is no longer split with objects
This also applies to Gag Glove


All Mental power abilities have been visually updated to a more organic energy style.
Telekinesis Tree
Bastion now restores power when hit by enemies
Bastion now has a chance to damage enemy back when hit
Bastion now affects all grouped members
Supercharge cost has been increased to 100%
Bolt Barrage
Bolt Barrage has had its base damage increased
Bolt Barrage damage is no longer split between objects and characters, it can hit 8 of each type of entity
Cryokinesis power cost has been reduced to 370
Cryokinesis now deals extra damage to Dazed enemies and has a chance to knock them down
Mass Levitation
Mass Levitation now hits 8 targets instead of 4
Mass Levitation now also Dazes enemies
The Tooltip for this power has been corrected to include this is vulnerable to interrupt
Psychic Empowerment
Psychic Empowerment can be used on the Invisibility Loadout but will remove Stealth on use
Psychic Resonance
Psychic Resonance now deals extra damage to Dazed enemies
The power cost for Psychic Resonance has been reduced
The Tooltip for Pyrokinesis now includes its ability to Stun enemies
Telekinesis now also Dazes enemies
Telekinetic Bolt
The power cost for Telekinesis has been reduced
Telekinetic Push
Telekinetic Push now deals extra damage to Dazed enemies
Telekinetic Shield
Increased the amount of Damage Absorption based on Restoration to 100% (matching the amount from Dominance)
The cooldown of Telekinetic Shield has been decreased
Thought Bubble
Thought Bubble will damage the enemy even if enemy is immune to being encased
Illusion Tree
Convalesce is a new power that replaces Psychic Shield
Convalesce will break you out of control effects on use
Convalesce adds Damage Absorption for 2 seconds
Convalesce can rapidly regenerate the player’s health
Convalesce has a Supercharge cost of 35%
Terror Tendrils (Formerly Psychic Blades)
Terror Tendrils now inflicts Terror on enemies
Horrific Visage
Horrific Visage now requires Level 8 (Changed places in the tree with Terrorize)
Fixed an issue with Horrific Visage where the target would change into the monster form multiple times in a second
Invisibility is a new power that replaces Illusory Forms
Invisibility works like Stealth from the Gadgets Power Set
Ambush: Sleep
Reduced stun duration to 15 seconds
Ambush: Sleep removes stealth when used
Ambush: Sleep now also deals damage
The cooldown has been lowered cooldown to 10 seconds
Ambush: Pain Blast
Updated the animation so that all weapon types play the same animation
Decreased the cooldown of Grandeur to 20 seconds
Increased the amount of Damage Absorption based on Restoration to 100% (matching the amount from Dominance)
Mass Hysteria
Mass Hysteria no longer snares the player when in use Mass Hysteria now adds Terror to up to 8 targets
Mass Terror
Mass Terror now can hit up to8 targets
Damage from Mass Terror is no longer split between objects and characters, it can hit 8 of each type of entity
Mass Terror now Panics enemies
Menace now deals damage
The power cost of Menace has been increased to 250
Menace deals extra damage to Terrified enemies
Menace now Panics enemies instead of causing a Stun
Phantom Flames
Increased base damage of Phantom Flames
Burning power interaction damage of Phantom Flames was reduced to match Fire’s power interaction
Reduced stun duration to 12 seconds when in Control role
Psychic Shock
Tooltip of Psychic Shock now includes the damage to Terrified enemies
Electrified power interaction now lasts the full 12 seconds even if the target breaks out
Reflect Pain
The Tooltip of Reflect Pain has been correct to now include that it is useable while controlled
Transfers 100% of incoming damage to your target for 5 seconds capped at 15% of your maximum Health
The cool down of Reflect Pain has been increased to 28 seconds
Terrorize swapped places in the Illusion Tree with Horrific Visage
Terrorize now also causes enemies to Panic
Damage dealt by Terrorize increases on enemies at 35% health or below
Deals damage even if the target is immune to Crowd Control
Terrorize is now vulnerable to interrupt


Battle for Earth Headquarters battles: The Engine Core will now properly report to the player’s combat log when thrown at someone.
Critical effect suppression is now properly applied in Arena zones when transformed into a Snowman by using the rare Season’s Greedings winter seasonal trinket.
Battle for Earth: The Gates of Tartarus

We have corrected an issue where players were not receiving loot as intended. Now, when defeating Circe (Heroes) or Wonder Woman (Villains) players have a chance to receive a damaged circlet which grants a Mission (Memento of Goddess –for Heroes or The Goddess’ Favor –for Villains). Completing the Mission allows players to choose between two rewards, with different appearances – Dark Witch or Valiant Warrior.

Players can now create waypoints on group members in the Map UI.
Place them by using triangle on the game pad.
Group Members are now color coded to differentiate them on the Minimap. The colors are randomly assigned with the exception of the leader who is always yellow.

Players can now ping the map with a temporary waypoint in the Map UI. R3 on the Gamepad on the Map UI will create the waypoint that group members can see both on the Map and on the mini-map.

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